The fictional reality essay

An Essay on Education and Equality. He invented the word meritocracy to describe this principle for allocating wealth and prestige and the new society it gave rise to. In spite of being semi-fictional, the book is clearly intended to be prophetic—or, rather, a warning.

The fictional reality essay

Definition[ edit ] What distinguishes a fictional universe from a simple setting is the level of detail and internal consistency. A fictional universe has an established continuity and internal logic that must be adhered to throughout the work and even across separate works.

So, for instance, many books may be set in conflicting fictional versions of Victorian Londonbut all the stories of Sherlock Holmes are set in the same Victorian London.

However, the various film series based on Sherlock Holmes follow their own separate continuities, thus not taking place in the same fictional universe. The history and geography of a fictional universe are well defined, and maps and timelines are often included in works set within them.

Even new languages may be constructed. When subsequent works are written within the same universe, care is usually taken to ensure that established facts of the canon are not violated. A famous example of a detailed fictional universe is Arda more popularly known as Middle-earthof J.

Virtually every successful fictional TV series or comic book develops its own "universe" to keep track of the The fictional reality essay episodes or issues. Writers for that series must follow the story bible[2] which often becomes the series canon. Frequently, when a series is perceived by its creators as too complicated or too self-inconsistent because of, for example, too many writersthe producers or publishers may introduce retroactive continuity retcon to make future editions easier to write and more consistent.

This creates an alternate universe that future authors can write about. These stories about the universe or universes that existed before the retcon are usually not canonical, unless the franchise-holder gives permission.

Crisis on Infinite Earths was an especially sweeping example. Some writers choose to introduce elements or characters from one work into another, to present the idea that both works are set in the same universe. For example, the character of Ursula Buffay from American sitcom Mad About You was also a recurring guest star in Friendsdespite the two series having little else in common.

In science fiction, A. Later fictional universes, like Robert E. A fictional universe may even concern itself with more than one interconnected universe through fictional devices such as dreams, " time travel " or "parallel worlds".

Such a series of interconnected universes is often called a multiverse. Such multiverses have been featured prominently in science fiction since at least the midth century. The classic Star Trek episode " Mirror, Mirror " introduced the Mirror Universein which the crew members of the Starship Enterprise were brutal rather than compassionate.

The movie Star Trek created an "alternate reality" and freed the Star Trek franchise from continuity issues. In the mids, DC Comics Crisis on Infinite Earths streamlined its fictional continuity by destroying most of its alternate universes.

In most small-scale fictional universes, general properties and timeline events fit into a consistently organized continuity. However, in the case of universes that are rewritten or revised by different writerseditorsor producersthis continuity may be violated, by accident or by design.

The fictional reality essay

The occasional publishing use of retroactive continuity retcon often occurs due to this kind of revision or oversight. Members of fandom often create a kind of fan-made canon fanon to patch up such errors; "fanon" that becomes generally accepted sometimes becomes actual canon.

Other fan-made additions to a universe fan fictionalternate universepasticheparody are usually not considered canonical unless they get authorized.

Shared universe Shared universes often come about when a fictional universe achieves great commercial success and attracts other media.

For example, a successful movie may catch the attention of various book authors, who wish to write stories based on that movie.This webpage is for Dr. Wheeler's literature students, and it offers introductory survey information concerning the literature of classical China, classical Rome, classical Greece, the Bible as Literature, medieval literature, Renaissance literature, and genre studies.

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Have you ever imagined something so vivid, so profoundly tangible and seemingly a part of you, that you weren't sure if it was a dream or reality? Well, it may just be both! Novelist and writing teacher, Gabriel Cohen, unites science and spirituality, and provides insight on how "a growing body of research supports what spiritual contemplatives have known for millennia -- that the human.


Reality and Fiction: the True View 1 Reality and Fiction: the True View Americans rely a great deal on their entertainment to educate them about life.

In many ways Americans live vicariously through the experiences of fictional characters and believe themselves to learn many things from fictional characters. Essay on Fictional vs Reality | Fictional Versus Reality | | December 4, | Mr.

Flip | | Artina Houston | CJS/ | | In this paper, I am going to discuss the legal system as the courts handle it, we will take a look at fictional portrayals and an actual court case that occurred.

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