Odoo many2many write a book

Fields Now fields are class property: from openerp import models, fields class AModel models.

Odoo many2many write a book

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Likely Extremely Likely Pros: No data re-entry. All the apps are connected and share information. Saves so much time and money. Also, you can create your own modules, or hire an outsider to create a module for you, due to the open source nature of the software.

Easy to add any of the pre-made apps. Cons: It can run slow, if you don't take a little time to tune up the server it's running on, and use enough memory, caching, and ideally an ssd. There's a lot of database access happening. Upgrading to the new version is not easy.

It would be great if the Odoo company would make upgrading a simple do it yourself automatic task, one click of a button, that would not require human attention for 2 weeks. There's an entire article with more about this on the Odoo site. Overall: One of the fastest growing, well rounded, full featured, modern, open source, business, or other organization, management software.

If you choose to subscribe to the commercial Odoo, it's a cheap price per month per app, which comes with support and hosting if you want it.

Pricing is way lower than the competition. Even running the free community version although limited it's far better than running a business without software or with many disjointed separated software. This totally eliminates the need to connect separate apps made by different companies, or worse, re-enter the same data into multiple different apps, losing tons of time and money.

Recommendations to other buyers: Connect to the Odoo community online. Try the free community edition and free community apps. Try out the free trial of the commercial version for 2 weeks to give yourself a good exposure to the software.

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We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback.This is the documentation for older versions of Odoo (formerly OpenERP). See the new Odoo user documentation. See the new Odoo technical documentation.

OpenERP Book ¶ Foreword. Open Source software at the Service of Management. However, the initial learning curve for Odoo development can be quite steep. Odoo Development Essentials aims at stopping that gap, providing a step by step guide to Odoo development to quickly become productive in the Odoo application platform.

Odoo observed that enhancing the speed of every click will save a lot of time and boost productivity. So, its R&D team lessened the number of SQL queries through some operations.

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This improved Odoo’s speed by %. Odoo 11 is 3 times faster than Odoo 10 and the gap gets bigger based on the size of the database. New Interface DesignAuthor: Maulik Shah. Feb 18,  · I'm trying to insert values into a many2many or one2manhy relation table in odoo (former OpenERP). Do you have any idea how to do this?

odoo many2many write a book

Thanks. insert into many2many odoo (former openerp) Ask Question How to allow write rights .

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Creating Views We have created the Books model and made it available in the user interface with a Menu Item. Next, we will be creating the two essential views for - Selection from Odoo 11 Development Essentials - Third Edition [Book].

Hi fellows here I created many2many field in view it widget is many2many_tags here I select products as tags now what I really want is that I want to show only that products in plombier-nemours.com field product_id which I have selected in the many2many productrelation field..

class projectdescription(osv.

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