Methods of intervention essay

Your Method Paper needs to contain the following items: Explanation of intervention one to two pages Provide an overview of your intervention two to three sentences Include a brief discussion of your literature review Explain why you think students will benefit from the intervention Intervention plan one to two pages State in chronological order how you will implement your intervention Give a hypothetical, yet practical timeframe for these steps Ethical considerations one page Explain how this intervention fits within your philosophy of teaching from EDU How does it relate to your social principles as a teacher? How you are taking measure to protect students and yield unbiased results?

Methods of intervention essay

Download this Research Paper in word format. On the other end of the spectrum are methods that may be have some basis for use such an intuition, theory, etc. But have not been subject to empirical scrutiny are considered valid to use.

Evidence based instruction or scientific research-based instruction consists of instructional practices or programs for which empirical data have been collected to determine the effectiveness of the program Odom et al. The most empirically sound designs, randomized controlled experiments, are used to demonstrate that the students who are exposed to the practice demonstrate significant improvements compared to a group of matched students who are not exposed to the method.

The types of educational practices with the strongest research evidence have been examined over fairly large numbers of students, in a wide range of settings, and with different subgroups of students.

Often there are relatively a small number of studies that match such rigorous criteria and investigating and analyzing available studies to determine if they fit this category of research can be a lengthy, complex, and expensive process Odom et al.

If we consider that the federal government got itself involved with educational research and the National Academies we would have to realize there must have been a number of fundamental assumptions about education for this Methods of intervention essay happen.

The first assumption is that there is a widespread belief that educational research should or can be scientific, at least in part. The second assumption is that at least regarding education policies, the federal government distinctively seeks out scientific research in order to make decisions regarding policy and practice.

A third assumption is that the quality of educational research must have been considered not to be up to standards in at least some areas in order for research to be needed. And finally, the consideration of a scientific basis for educational research itself is worthy of the attention of science and should not involve political influence.

With respect to educational research the No Child Left Behind Act is probably the most well-known advocate of the requirement that teachers utilize empirically validated techniques in the classrooms.

Many of the big agencies that focus on empirically validated have maintained that the "gold standard" for validating an educational practice or program is indeed the randomized controlled design e. The reliance on randomized controlled trials most likely has seeped into other fields from the medical field where such trials are indeed necessary to test the effectiveness of medications and medical treatments against no treatment or against existing treatments to combat certain diseases or medical ailments.

In terms of the question "Which is generally more effective, treatment A or treatment B?

Methods of intervention essay

This is often the case with medications or other medical treatments that combat diseases where the pathology and "wellness" are well-defined.

However, in education the "treatment effect" can be somewhat more variable and the subject variables can be more diverse and involve significantly more interactions than they do in medical treatments.

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The primary policy of education research should be to improve the quality of education for everybody. The National Council of Science proposed that research questions in education are of three broad types: Descriptive where the question is "What is happening? Causal where the question is something like "Is there a systematic effect?

Process focused where the question is "How or why is it happening? Each of these questions would require a different method to answer.

Most medical research has traditionally concentrated on question number two, which is an important question but not the only question to be considered.

Thus, the emphasis on randomized controlled trials. For question number three correlational e. For question number one correlational methods would be appropriate.

Methods of intervention essay

There should be an appropriate match between the question and the method. Thus, the definition of what constitutes evidence-based research has broadened somewhat by understanding that the questions educational research itself asks are often broader that those of the medical field. Studies can employ a number of methodologies including systematic, empirical methods that rely on observational designs or experimental designs but are appropriate for the questions asked.Excerpt from Research Paper: proponents of evidence based instruction represent one end of the methods of teaching continuum where practices that have been tested empirically using rigorous research designs are considered to be the only valid method of instruction (Odom et al., ).

Disadvantages Of Various Methods Of Government Intervention (Essay Sample) Instructions: It contains the structure of the essay telling the reader briefly what is discussed in each section of the essay. Evaluate advantages and disadvantages of various methods of government intervention to correct market failure arising from .

Therefore this essay will critically compare and contrast task centred and crisis intervention methods of social work intervention. The process of intervention and the potential and limitations of both task centred and crisis intervention approaches to social work practice will be critiqued in terms of how this has impacted upon the role of the practitioner and service user.

May 13,  · The crisis intervention session referenced in the essay, is between student in crisis due to difficulties in managing course work – in particular a writing task and the student counselor. The student is the client and the student counselor the counselor.

The crisis intervention takes the James & Gilliland six-step (+44) Developing an Intervention This toolkit provides supports for developing core components of a community intervention and adapting them to fit the context.

Outline. Additionally, the method of assessment may require that at least two assessments be undertaken: the first to explore the necessity of involvement and secondly, to .

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