Max perutz science writing award 2012

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Max perutz science writing award 2012

Cargo-bearing vehicles zip in, out and around the city, efficiently delivering goods to their required locations. All this hustle and bustle is essential to the integrity of such a busy city, without it everything would grind to a halt.

I pull my chair back from the microscope in wonder, for what lies before me is not actually a city, but a single human cell. My research focuses on how vehicles transport cargo into, out of and around a cell.

A cell, just like a city, needs particular things to keep going.

In a city, food needs to be delivered to supermarkets or to families who have ordered their groceries online. Likewise, a cell needs to bring nutrients inside and just like the supermarkets and the online shoppers, it can select exactly what it wants delivering and when.

Imagine living with the knowledge that over the next decade your brain will be slowly destroyed by your own body.

The 30 Most Influential People in Public Health

As neurons are snuffed out like candles, what will you lose next? Will it be precious memories? The ability to perform an everyday task? Perhaps a facet of your personality?

Your family and friends will have to watch helpless as the person they love is slowly eroded away. Imagine now finding out that with all of our medical expertise there is nothing we can do.

Computer modelling used to discover and design new mental health drugs

Not one treatment that can slow the course of this deterioration. This is a reality for someone diagnosed with dementia. Read more 17 Oct Perutz was delighted to win the Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science in Selected Letters of Max Perutz edited by Vivien Perutz. Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

(). Hitler's Gift: The True Story of the Scientists Expelled by the Nazi Regime (Paperback). New York: Arcade Publishing. ISBN. Nicola Hodson takes apart the transport systems in cells to see how they work and how their disruption might cause, in her shortlisted article for the Max Perutz Science Writing Award , she invites us into the microscopic city of the cell.

I’m sitting in Cambridge on a Monday morning observing the relentless chaos of commuter traffic. Group therapy most effective treatment for anxiety in young people. Group-based talking therapies shown to be most effective treatment for young people with anxiety disorders.

max perutz science writing award 2012

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