Male in nursing profession

Male Nurses According to the latest statistics, male nurses represent just a small fraction of the nursing workforce in the United States http:

Male in nursing profession

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History[ edit ] While the current structure of the medical field, including nursing care, does not directly translate to historical provision of carethere is a history of male presence in caring for the sick and infirmed. The term nosocomial originates from the latin nosocomi, the name given to male care-givers, meaning that men were prominent in Ancient Rome [7].

Years late, during the plagues that swept through Europe, male nurses were also the primary care-givers. In the 3rd century, men in the Parabolani created a hospital and provided nursing care. Later, John of Godfollowing a conversion to Christianity, provided care for both the physically and mentally sick and notably challenged the stigmas associated with Mental Illness [10].

Later, he founded the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God which continues to work with poor and infirmed to this day. Reasons for low representation[ edit ] There are several reasons suggested for a low uptake of nursing by males: In Northern Ireland a campaign ran by Queen University has been aimed at getting more males interested in nursing, with varying levels of success.

Male in nursing profession

Pay disparity results in male nurses earning more than their female counterparts, and anecdotal evidence suggests that male nurses are more likely to be fast-tracked into management positions.Yes, of course there are men in nursing school.

If not, there wouldn’t be any male nurses in the profession (and trust me, there are!). The number of men entering nursing programs is increasing, though the exact male-to-female ratios can vary depending on the location, school, and so on.

The number of men entering the nursing profession still remains low. Emma Vere-Jones explores the possible reasons for this gender discrepancy. There is a very high percentage of male nurses who love the adrenaline rush of emergency and critical care nursing, but you’ll find them in all areas of the profession.

3. We are the most trusted profession . The nursing profession is poised for enormous growth and expansion in the 21st century.

Male nurses do exist

Men who are in search of a satisfying, exciting career should consider nursing as a viable option that offers stability, flexibility, room for advancement, and the pride that accompanies giving to others.

Although widely seen as a female profession, and mainly portrayed as such in the media, nursing is gradually becoming a more inclusive profession. Males make up around 10% of the taskforce in the UK, % of nurses in Canada, and 23% of nurses in Iran.

Male in nursing profession

In in the United States, there were approximately million nurses, with approximately , (9%) of those being male. These programs include nursing students from ethnic backgrounds—Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans-- as well as male nursing students.

Historically the nursing profession has been dominated by women, but in a recent push many large nursing organizations have opened up special grant programs designed to pull men into the profession.

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