List of poetry group

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List of poetry group

Use the search bar to look for terms in all glossaries, dictionaries, articles and other resources simultaneously Poetry groups and movements or schools may be self-identified by the poets that form them or defined by critics who see unifying characteristics of a body of work by more than one poet.

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A commonality of form is not in itself sufficient to define a school; for example, Edward Lear, George du Maurier and Ogden Nash do not form a school simply because they all wrote limericks. Some of them are described below in approximate chronological sequence. The subheadings indicate broadly the century in which a style arose.

See the Alphabetic list Prehistoric The Oral tradition is too broad to be a strict school but it is a useful grouping of works whose origins either predate writing, or belong to cultures without writing. Its name is derived from the classical term Castalian Spring, a symbol for poetic inspiration.

The principal literary figure to be directly associated with the group was Alexander Montgomerie. Music also played an important part in performances; some members of the Castalian Band are known to have been musicians and many of the works were set as song.

James VI was more than simply patron of the group; as a prolific poet himself, and through his own writing on poetry, the young Scottish King was not only the de facto head and director, but a practising member of the Castalian Band. Seventeenth century The Metaphysical poets The metaphysical poets is a term coined by the poet and critic Samuel Johnson to describe a loose group of British lyric poets of the 17th century, who shared an interest in metaphysical concerns and a common way of investigating them, and whose work was characterised by inventiveness of metaphor these involved comparisons being known as metaphysical conceits.

These poets were not formally affiliated; most of them did not even know or read each other. Their poetry was influenced greatly by the changing times, new sciences and the new found debauched scene of the 17th century.

The Cavalier poets Cavalier poets is a broad description of a school of English poets of the 17th century, who came from the classes that supported King Charles I during the English Civil War. Much of their poetry is light in style, and generally secular in subject.

They were marked out by their lifestyle and religion from the Roundheads, who supported Parliament and were often Puritans either Presbyterians or Independents.

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Eighteenth century Classical poetry echoes the forms and values of classical antiquity. Favouring formal, restrained forms, it has recurred in various Neoclassical schools since the eighteenth century Augustan poets such as Alexander Pope. The most recent resurgence of Neoclassicism is religious and politically reactionary work of the likes of T.

Romanticism started in late 18th century Western Europe.

List of poetry group

Romanticism stressed strong emotion, imagination, freedom within or even from classical notions of form in art, and the rejection of established social conventions. It stressed the importance of "nature" in language and celebrated the achievements of those perceived as heroic individuals and artists.

Nineteenth century Pastoralism was originally a Hellenistic form, that romanticized rural subjects to the point of unreality. Later pastoral poets, such as Edmund Spenser, Christopher Marlowe, and William Wordsworth, were inspired by the classical pastoral poets.

The Parnassians were a group of late 19th-century French poets, named after their journal, the Parnasse contemporain.The Journal of Poetry Therapy, established in by the NAPT, remains the most comprehensive source of information on current theory, practice, and research.

Poetry A type of literature that is written in meter. Quatrain A stanza or poem of four lines. Refrain A phrase, line, or group of lines that is repeated throughout a poem, usually after every stanza. Rhyme The occurrence of the same or similar sounds at the end of two or more words.

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List of poetry groups and movements topic. Poetry groups and movements or schools may be self-identified by the poets that form them or defined by critics who see unifying characteristics of a body of work by more than one poet. To be a 'school' a group of poets must share a common style or a .

Poetry Vocabulary List One 1. rhyme - two or more words which match in the same last sound.

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Ex.: bat, cat 2. rhythm - the beat or cadence of poetry. Ex.: But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? 3. alliteration - two words in the same line with the same starting sound. Gale is a global leader in education, learning, and research resources online.

List of Poetry Group Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples

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List of poetry group
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