Breast cancer research paper

Using HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy Drinking Alcohol Having Dense Breasts women with dense breasts have more dense [supportive] tissue than fatty tissue Lack of Exercise Smoking The link between dental work and breast cancer The complexity of dealing with breast cancer can be directly caused by dental infections. These infections, in turn, lead to very dangerous toxins which are the waste products of the microbes which cause the infections. In addition, the infections in the dental area can spread to the liver, which is a large incubator for microbes. Thus, the breasts are getting infectious agents both from the mouth and the liver.

Breast cancer research paper

Contact Us Research Paper On Breast Cancer Breast cancer, as the name says it, develops from breast cells and it is the most invasive type of cancer in females.

It consists in two different forms of disease, depending on the place it develops. Therefore, women can suffer from lobular carcinoma cancer start from lobules, the glands that make milk or from ductal carcinoma cancer starts from ducts, the ones that carry milk to the nipple.

What is more, in USA alone, there arefemale breast cancers and 2, male breast cancers reported every year.

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The most common symptoms of breast cancer are the following: Unfortunately, these signs appear only after the disease has already installed. However, if patients get to be treated in good-time, severe complications can be avoided.

The causes of breast cancer have mostly been observed and learned though time, rather than infallibly settled. Therefore, they have come up with a list of factors that predispose women to breast cancer.


These include getting older due to menopausegenetics family history of any type of cancerprior cancer affections, non-cancerous lumps, dense breast tissue, high levels of estrogen exposure, obesity, height for no scientific reasons, taller women are more exposed to breast canceralcohol consumption, radiation exposure, hormone replacement therapy HRTand certain jobs that suppose getting in contact with possible carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.

As any type of cancer, breast carcinoma can be invasive or non-invasive. In the case of invasive breast cancer, the abnormal cells are carried out of lobules and ducts, and spread all over the body organs through the bloodstream.

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Non-invasive cancer is less harmful, as the ill cells remain inside the lobules or ducts. Detecting breast cancer supposes several tests.

This set was made especially to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer. This year more than 40, women in the U.S. will die of breast cancer. That's the same, give or take, as last year, and the 13 years before that. This section discusses treatment for early and locally-advanced breast cancers. Learn about treatment for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).. Learn about treatment for metastatic breast cancer.. Breast cancer treatment. The goal of treating early and locally-advanced breast cancers (stages I, II and III) is to get rid of the cancer and keep it from coming back.

These include breast exams for extern observable signsx-rays mammogramsbreast ultrasounds to differentiate between solid masses of tissues and fluid-filled cystsbiopsies an invasive procedure that establishes if cells are cancerous and MRI magnetic resonance imaging scans.

All these tests are used to determine the type of cancer, the stage of illness and its aggressiveness. The treatment for breast cancer depends on its severity and it can consist in radiotherapy, surgery, targeted drug therapy, hormone therapy and eventually, chemotherapy.

In order to prevent the apparition of breast cancer, women must reduce at minimum the alcohol consumption, give up on smoking, exercise daily, control their body weight and choose to eat only healthy foods.

Additionally, it has been proven that breast feeding reduces the chances of cancer. Postmenopausal hormone therapy must be closely monitored and women over 50 must go to periodically controls.This year more than 40, women in the U.S.

will die of breast cancer.

Breast cancer research paper

That's the same, give or take, as last year, and the 13 years before that. Product Description.

Breast cancer research paper

Pack of 80 pink color coated giant paper clips packed in handy reusable desk top or drawer storage tub. Product and package are PVC Fee. $ from sale of each product is being donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Vitamin D is the name given to a group of fat-soluble prohormones (substances that usually have little hormonal activity by themselves but that the body can turn into hormones).Vitamin D helps the body use calcium and phosphorus to make strong bones and teeth.

Skin exposed to sunshine can make vitamin D, and vitamin D can also be obtained from certain foods. Young women with high body fat have a decreased chance of developing breast cancer before menopause, according to scientists at the National Institutes of Health and their collaborators.

The finding, published online in the journal JAMA Oncology, may help researchers better understand the . Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the most sensitive imaging method for breast cancer detection and is therefore offered as a screening technique to women at .

Breast Cancer Research is an international, peer-reviewed online journal, publishing original research, reviews, editorials and reports. Open access research articles of exceptional interest are published in all areas of biology and medicine relevant to breast cancer, including normal mammary gland biology, with special emphasis on the genetic.

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