A biography of davy crockett a politician and soldier

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A biography of davy crockett a politician and soldier

San Antonio, Texas American frontiersman and politician Davy Crockett, American frontiersman and politician, became a folk hero during his own lifetime. Crockett grew up on the frontier and later used his knowledge of it in his political campaigns.

Although he is known chiefly as a hunter and a soldier, Crockett also worked for land for settlers, relief for people in debt, and an expanded banking system for Tennessee.

He was the fifth of nine children. Crockett's father put him to work driving cattle to Virginia when he was twelve years old. After running away from home to escape a beating from his father, Crockett traveled throughout Virginia. He decided that his lack of education limited his marriage possibilities, so he learned to read, to write a little, and to "cypher," or add and subtract.

In Crockett married Mary Finely and became a farmer. Frontier farming proved unrewarding, and in he decided to move his family to Franklin County, Tennessee.

Crockett, Davy

Life on the frontier Inshortly after Crockett moved to Franklin County, frontiersmen ambushed a band of Creek Indian warriors in southern Alabama. Nearby settlers gathered at Fort Mims.

A biography of davy crockett a politician and soldier

The Native Americans attacked the fort and killed over five hundred people. Crockett then volunteered to serve with the frontier military forces in the fight against the Native Americans. In September and October he served as a scout. He went on leave and then returned to military service from September to February During this time Crockett served as a scout and a hunter and apparently encountered little fighting.

In Crockett's first wife died, and he married Elizabeth Patton. While traveling with neighbors in Alabama, he contracted malaria, a disease that causes chills and fever, and was left along the road to die. He recovered and returned to his family, much to their surprise. He has been quoted as remarking about his reported death, "I know'd this was a whopper of a lie, as soon as I heard it.

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He worked as a justice of the peace and later served as county commissioner. In he was elected lieutenant colonel of the local military regiment. In he campaigned for a seat in the state legislature. During the campaign Crockett realized the frontiersmen's isolation and need for recreation.

Therefore, he gave short speeches laced with stories that helped lead to his election. Having grown up among the poor settlers, Crockett served as their spokesman.

He proposed bills to reduce taxes, to settle land claim disputes, and to protect their general economic interests. In Crockett was elected to the Tennessee legislature. Congressional career In Crockett ran for a seat in the U. Congress but was defeated. He ran again and won in and was reelected in Crockett did not agree with many of the policies of President Andrew Jackson — He took a stand against the president on several issues, including Native American removal and land policy.

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In when Crockett ran for a third term, he was defeated.Davy Crockett was a famous frontiersman, politician, soldier and hero from the nineteenth century. He was a representative from Tennessee in the US House .

David Crockett, frontiersman, congressman, and defender of the Alamo, son of John and Rebecca (Hawkins) Crockett, was born in Greene County, East Tennessee, on August 17, In , two years after the Crocketts opened a tavern on the road from Knoxville to Abingdon, Virginia, John Crockett hired his son out to Jacob Siler to help drive a herd of cattle to Rockbridge County, Virginia.

David "Davy" Crockett (August 17, – March 6, ) was a 19th-century American folk hero, frontiersman, soldier, and politician. He is commonly referred to in popular culture by the epithet "King of the Wild Frontier".

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He represented Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives and served in the Texas plombier-nemours.comded by: Adam Huntsman. Davy Crockett was a very influential person because he is a great frontiersman, patriotic politician who worked for the Tennessee legislature, and soldier.

In his early life he was hired out to a man named Jacob Siler, and was then forced to drive cattle. Davy Crockett: Davy Crockett, American frontiersman and politician who became a legendary figure. His father, having little means, hired him out to more prosperous backwoods farmers, and Davy’s schooling amounted to days of tutoring with a neighbour.

Successive moves west to middle Tennessee brought him close. Explore Biography's collection of Famous Military Veterans. See our picks, along with full biographies, photo galleries and videos, only on plombier-nemours.com Davy Crockett was a .

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